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Revised Grail Psalms 3

I will look at one psalm from the Revised Grail Psalter. I tire of the circular groove worn around whether Psalm 1 loses its messianic “intention” when “the man” is abandoned, so I will choose to look at...

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Revised Grail Psalms 2

Since the Vatican’s approval (recognitio) of a significantly different text of the English Roman Catholic Missal than that which left the desks of the English-speaking Bishops’ Conferences, there has been substantial...

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Revised Grail Psalms 1

The full text of the Revised Grail Psalter can be found here. Its publication explains some of the astonishing “translations” in the new RC English Missal that are completely contrary to Liturgiam authenticam – I will deal...

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New Grail psalter version in the pipeline

Many readers of this site will use the Grail translation of the psalms. Now there is a new version on the horizon. With many knowing this well-loved version by heart, what are the benefits of the change? Will it move forward...

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