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What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a way in which you let others know about a page, website, or blog-post that you found helpful. You bookmark such a page and add descriptive tags. Many of these social bookmarking websites make your "favourites" available to others. People can even follow what page is currently popular on the internet. An example is that under the "Popular" page at Del.icio.us you can view websites that are currently receiving a lot of attention from users who are tagging specific keywords and phrases.

How does this help?

A quarter of those arriving on this site find it using a search engine. The rest find this site through the promotion of people like you. You can place a link on your site. Social bookmarking on sites like Del.icio.us and Digg is another way to help people find this site and its particular pages. Social bookmarking also helps people to find more clearly what they are looking for.

A difference between social bookmarking and search engines.

Social bookmarking is based on people picking quality content on the web. Search engines rely on computers. Social bookmarking is rapidly becoming a very effective means for experienced web surfers to find the latest and quality information on a particular subject. This provides a complement to search engines.

Be part of using this technology for good on the web. Start social bookmarking.

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