Image: Matariki taken by NASA (copyright free)

Matariki is the Māori name for the Pleiades. In the winter sky just prior to dawn this star cluster marks the Māori New Year. This was a time for remembering the dead, and celebrating new life. Now it is marked by kites, hot-air balloons and fireworks.

Liturgical celebrations of Matariki clearly will use te reo Māori. Solstice threads can be incorporated, as well as traditions drawn from the biblical new year, Rosh Hashanah (Leviticus 23:24) including the blowing of the horn (or possibly appropriately the conch shell).

Some obvious hymns are:
Whakaria mai /How Great Thou Art
E te Atua —Alleluia Aotearoa 31
Where mountains rise to open skies — Alleluia Aotearoa 155
God of all time, all seasons of our living — Alleluia Aotearoa 49

Children's activities can include making stars, kites,...

Further ideas and resources from St Andrew's on the Terrace (link off this site) and Rainbow Room liturgy from the same church (link off this site)
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